Somos Votantes is a project of the Family Friendly Action Fund, a section 
501(c)(4) social welfare organization. Somos Votantes is dedicated to engaging 
Latinx Americans on crucial policy issues, and organizing and supporting Latinx 
Americans in their civic advocacy and participation.

Melissa Morales, Executive Director

Prior to starting Somos Votantes, Melissa served as the Executive Director of SEIU Florida where she oversaw the planning and execution of SEIU state political campaigns and projects, and coordinated joint work amongst SEIU Locals and diverse community organizations. In 2018, Melissa managed a statewide campaign for the Florida midterms while serving as State Director for Win Justice Florida - a coalition of seven organizations, including SEIU, Community Change Action, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Color of Change PAC, and multiple grassroots state organizations. Previously, Melissa has managed IE Programs for the 2016 Presidential Campaign in battleground states with SEIU, worked as a Policy Analyst for the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and assisted in the development of direct mail and campaign strategies as an Account Associate at The Pivot Group.

Privacy Policy

National Digital Director Eric Enrique Borja is the direct descendant of political revolutionaries and labor organizers. Eric grew up listening to his parents speak about El Salvador, about the political climate before the revolution, and about their organizing experience with students and workers before having to leave for the United States. Eric’s parents migrated to the United States in 1979 to escape political persecution. Every day, Eric does his best to honor his family’s legacy through his work.

Eric brings to his work 10+ years of organizing online and offline, as well as researching the intersection of technology and social movements. As a PhD student from 2011 - 2016, Eric used both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how movements, like Occupy, the Arab Spring, and Black Lives Matter, were utilizing social media to organize people. Then, after his graduate program, Eric led on the Digital strategies of national, state, and local advocacy, legislative, and electoral campaigns. Most recently, Eric was the Digital Director for the Florida for All I.E. campaign in 2020. Eric brings a deep love and hope for technology’s potential to liberate us, and a strong commitment to honor his family, his ancestors, and his communities.

Eric Borja, National Digital Director



Somos Votantes is a Latino led, Latino-focused organization aimed at providing a centralized hub for research, messaging, training and mobilization of Latino Voters.

We are engaging directly with Latino voters in critical battleground states to turn them out for elections in support of progressive candidates and causes.

Our mission is simple: to increase voter participation and improve Democratic performance in Latino communities in order to win elections.